Why You Should Hire A Realtor to Buy or Sell Property

selling your homeAt some point in almost everyone’s life, they will buy or sell real estate.  For some, it comes earlier than others, because some people are happy renting.  Either way you decide to go is fine, there is no right or wrong way!  When the time came for me to sell my home, I thought about trying to do it myself to save some money.  You hear about a lot of people trying to take this on themselves, so I figured I would explore that option as well.

Let me start by saying that this was a BIG mistake!  It became evident really fast that trying to sell my home on my own was a bad decision.  For one, a lot of people will call and schedule a time to see your house for one reason, they are nosey.  They have NO intentions of buying, so they are ultimately just wasting your time.  This is a great reason to hire a Realtor, so nosey people can waste THEIR time, not yours!

Another concerning issue is the legal side of everything.  There is a LOT of paperwork and legal matters that go into any real estate transaction.  I am not a lawyer, or a Realtor, so when I was able to delve into this I became overwhelmed pretty fast.  Let’s just say the headaches came on strong, and I started questioning why I ever thought I could take this on!

Another downside to taking this on yourself is marketing.  Realtors list on the MLS, so the exposure they can provide is not even comparable to trying to take it on yourself.  You would have to pay out the wazoo to even come close!  A good agents network also brings many interested home buyers to the table, so the benefits of hiring a Realtor are 10 fold.

I did some research, then contacted http://WalworthCountyProperties.com and got hooked up with a great Realtor, someone who had all of the credentials I was looking for.  The results were amazing!

I knew Lake Geneva was a great place to live, but I wasn’t completely aware how massive the Lake Geneva real estate was.  I got nowhere, and spent endless amount of time, yet within a week of hiring a qualified professional, I had people coming to see my house on a regular basis.  In the end, my house sold, I got the price I wanted, and I avoided a lot of headache and hassle by letting someone help me!

In the end, you have to ask yourself if this is something that is really worth doing yourself.  It can really soak up your time and energy, and take you away from other things that you need to do in your life.

The moral of the story is to weight your options, but don’t disregard hiring qualified Realtors from one of the many companies in your area.


Why I Chose a Lifestyle Change Over Liposuction

healthy living Not to long ago, I found my self in a real health predicament.  I had gained a load of weight through the years, and it had gotten to a point where I did not really know what to do.  Doctors were telling me that if I did not lose a significant amount of weight I would probably die young.  My quality of life was already shot.  Things that were once simple had become almost impossible, and daily activities we very burdensome.

When things really came to a head, my doctors laid out options with me.  They seemed to think that a liposuction procedure was my best bet, so I began doing research on the many different Milwaukee liposuction surgeons out there.  While performing this research, I learned more about the procedure, and what it entailed.  To be frank, I was not thrilled about the idea of undergoing this procedure, not one bit.

At this point, I started researching more about healthy living, and changing my lifestyle.  I needed to know if it was even possible for someone like me to lose that amount of weight without a procedure like laser liposuction.

Truthfully, I liked the idea of losing weight naturally.  Liposuction is expensive, and can come with some pretty serious risks.  One of the things that really got me going, and leaning towards a lifestyle change, and putting in the hard work to make this happen was this guy Arthur’s story.  If you haven’t seen this video below, watch it and get ready to be inspired!  Here it is:

Wow. Every time I watch this video it gives me chills. If this guy could do it, why couldn’t I? I did not have the problems he had. I did not have injuries to my knees and back from jumping out of airplanes, I just lost the ability to move due to poor diet and inactivity.

At this point, liposuction was an after thought.  I made the decision that I would commit to a lifestyle change.  I knew it would not be easy, but I was gonna try my hardest.

Luckily or me, I had some good people in my life.  People who cared enough about me to help me, support me, and work with me on this journey.

I had heard some great things about people using Shaklee nutritional products.  A friend of mine used these products, and put me in touch with the person he was purchasing his products from.

I met with him in Milwaukee, and we just talked about health for a few hours.  He was a wealth of knowledge, and really seemed to take interest in helping me.

He told me that Shaklee alone would not be enough.  I liked that, because it told me that he was not just trying to sell me his stuff.  He got me going, and helped me pick out a meal plan, which did include some healthy weight loss shakes, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and a lot of water!

I’ll tell you this.  Just making this change in my diet was enough to get me feeling better.  I was finding I had more energy, and little by little I was dropping weight, and shedding fat.

Once I lost a few, I began exercising.  I started slow, and was just walking on a treadmill.  It was more than enough for me to get a good sweat going, and that did wonders for my body in so many ways.

So at this point, I had made the change to my diet, and was incorporating exercise into my life every day.  The weight was melting off me every day now, and my body became a fat burning furnace!

I was drinking to Shaklee shakes every day, and was blending fruit and vegetable in them to make them even healthier, and a little more fulfilling.  I was also taking their Vitalizer supplement pack, which really helped me stay healthy, and it was giving me a lot of nutrients I was missing out on before.

In the end, I made the right choice.  I steered away from a procedure that I did not need, and took the hard road.  Well you know what?  Nothing worth while is EVER easy!

If you are in this situation I recommend changing your lifestyle.  If you choose liposuction, and don’t change your lifestyle you will end up in the same situation down the road anyway, so save yourself some time and discomfort and do what will give you the best chance of living a happy, healthy life!  And yes, Shaklee did help me and can help you too, so find a guy or gal in your area to help you get on the path to good health!

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